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  • Inspire Workshops Start Young Marc Kandalaft IcoD 2018
  • Inspire Workshops Start Young Marc Kandalaft IcoD 2018
  • Inspire Workshops Start Young Marc Kandalaft IcoD 2018
  • Inspire Workshops Start Young Marc Kandalaft IcoD 2018
  • Inspire Workshops Start Young Marc Kandalaft IcoD 2018

Start Young 2018 – Inspire Workshops

April 19, 2018

In late 2015 I, Marc Kandalaft (founder of RAP.), started thinking about creating a series of design workshops for children. I wanted to draw on what I’d learned during my professional career of nearly two decades as an entrepreneur, designer and artist, as well as on my carefully curated concept of design, my passion for passing it on, and my pleasure in being a source of inspiration for others.

What motivates me most of all is the opportunity to provide other people with new ways to observe and analyse the world around them, giving them the ability to demystify design, creativity and the creative process. In order to achieve this I use design as a tool to create meaning, conquer complexity and achieve progress.


For this approach to be effective and sustainable, I think it’s important to target those members of our society with the greatest potential to optimize it.

Who is best able to take the design torch and run with it?

— Leaders, because they will in turn influence and pass on my vision for design to the greatest number of people.

— Young people, because they will be able to understand and absorb principles of design at an early age and gain an innate sense of it, allowing them to develop confidence in their own creativity and self-esteem, and making them better members of society, able to understand and hopefully resolve the increasingly complex problems facing our planet.

In the fall of 2016, ico-D approached me about making my concept the theme of their 2017 World Design Day. That was the genesis of the WDD2017: Start Young series of educational workshops, which we have adapted and refined to be easily replicated in many other organizations, countries and languages.


For 2018, we have decided, with ico-D, to repeat the event, and our official partners are:

Design Exchange (Toronto)
Casa Wabi (Mexico)
MALBA (Argentina)
Triennale Design Museum (Italy)
Open Design Cape Town (South Africa)


Before launching Rap. in November 2014, I ran Marc Kandalaft Design for 15 years, building brand identities for companies in Europe, North-America, and the Middle-East. Rap. represents what I’ve become and what I’ve learnt from a long series of successes and failures: . Accomplishment starts with love. . Simplicity is never simple: it’s complexity reorganized. And it’s powerful. . No matter what we do or create, there’s always a human involved in the end. . Modernity, for us, is not always progress. . True innovation begins with us taking a step back. . The strongest and the most intelligent among us will fail, if we resist change. . Even our own beliefs might change, smile. I take pride in capturing the essence - the who and the why - behind each brand, be it a company, a product, or an artist. I manage small and large teams of specialists in strategy, design, content, technology, and architecture to bring brands to - and in - life with effective and meaningful experiences. I collaborate with people who demonstrate purpose and vision and who are genuine in their endeavors.

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